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'Nuff said, I hope you guys like it


this is a painting for Izzy Medrano, who I link to on my right sidebar. He is pretty awesome, check him out. click it to make it bigger. I decided to do the paintings for his class this semester off-roster, and this is the first one(^^); I hadn't gotten them done mostly due to things that sound like(and are) dumb, mental-health related excuses. It was based off of this video because I think she's adorable and I love her costume.

^^^the top one is pretty small horizontally, click it to make it bigger.

And the second wave of sketchbook pieces comes! There was this really really REALLY great guy who I guess is the manager at the Starbucks I went to, and he gave me the "GRBH YOU'RE ONE OF THESE KIDS WHO COME IN HERE AND DON'T BUY ANYTHING" face when I sat down. I didn't buy anything, but I did giggle when his rotund stature made me flash back to my childhood. I used a blue col-erase pencil on the Starbucks one, graphite and a paint pen on the second, and the last two were done with black col-erase pencils and tinted in PS.

<3 Enjoy!


The username lessa_daily is so oxymoronic by now that it has become charming to me.

Anyway, lots of artles have happened over the summer, and over the pseudo-summer-fall. I will be posting them in mini-dumps, rather than one big, f-list eating dump.

Here is your first dump, enjoy! <3

More shoes and a shoe comm!

join zf_shoes for all shoe things. I'm open for commission!

all views of each pair :)Collapse )

I made shoes!

These are currently on ebay!
They were a lot of fun to make :)

I did a portrait of Martin Gore in Photoshop, I don't know how long it took, but I did it on one layer :D




what is more ass-kicking than hitting someone in the face with an octopus, WITH THEM HAVING NO IDEA WHERE IT CAME FROM?! nothing.
also, I changed the gender of the mohawk clown.

anne of norfolk

30 minute doodle. Look, I'm medieval!


So these are the prelims, I will be using the faces from the other post when I deck these guys out completely! <3

This is a quick sketch and probably my least favorite...Not because of the content just because I NEED TO FINISH IT, HURRRR. The face is the only part I like, hahah. She's supposed to be a gypsy kind of clown. In case you've forgotten the face,

Anyway here's hobo machete clown.

And LOL!MULAN clown.


I finished one of the outfits, yay.

Hey twiddles, I hope you're having a good Monday!

I posted a much juicier entry under members-only, because there are certain uh, yeah. Well. WELL. Anyway, join if you want to see the juice.

For those of you not under my cut, here's this:

Didn't do photo paint over with any of the faces I've done lately, all painted myself! I feel all bubbly inside, like a soda.